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Canadian National Atmospheric Chemistry (NAtChem) Database and Analysis System


     The National Atmospheric Chemistry Database (NAtChem) is a data archival and analysis facility operated by the Meteorological Service of Canada

     The purpose of the NAtChem database is to enhance atmospheric research through the archival and analysis of North American air and precipitation chemistry data. Such research includes investigations into the chemical nature of the atmosphere, atmospheric processes, spatial and temporal patterns, source-receptor relationships and long range transport of air pollutants.

The NAtChem Database contains air and precipitation chemistry data from many major regional-scale networks in North America. To contribute to NAtChem, networks must operate for a period of at least two years, must have wide area coverage, and must have regionally-representative sites (rural and background).

The NAtChem Database consists of 3 smaller databases:

The NAtChem Precipitation Chemistry Database (NAtChem/Precip)-follow the link for precipitation chemistry data and results
The NAtChem Particulate Matter Database (NAtChem/PM)-follow the link for atmospheric particulate matter and related trace gas data and results
The NAtChem Air Toxics Database (NAtChem/Toxics) - follow the link for atmospheric toxic substances data and results

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