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     The Division of Chemical Information of the American Chemical Society is committed to providing a forum for the exchange of information and expertise among the generators. developers. providers. and users of chemical information worldwide through innovative high-quality programs and publications. and through opportunities for career development and recognition of excellence.


Chemical Information Bulletin (two times per year)
CINF E-News (two times per year)
Membership directory
Abstracts of papers mailed prior to national meetings (spring and summer issues of Bulletin )
Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences (not included in dues)


Maggie Johnson
Univ. of Kentucky
Chemistry/Physics Library 150 C/P Bldg.
Lexington, KY 40506-0055
Voice: 859.257.5954
Fax: 859.257-5954

  Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (formerly Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences)
  美国化学会化学信息专业委员会奖Herman Skolnik Award

Summary by 苏亮 on 2004-02-22

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