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Statistical Designs


     Statistical Designs was founded in 1983 to promote quality in research, development, and manufacturing through the use of statistically designed experiments and the statistical analysis of data.

Since 1975, Statistical Designs has presented over 400 public and in-house short courses on process optimization, statistical data analysis, and statistical design of experiments.


9941 Rowlett Road, Suite 6, Houston, Texas, USA.
(713) 947-1551

     MultiSimplex is a Windows based program (95, 98, NT4.0) that replaces its previous Simplex-V program. MultiSimplex is used to sequentially optimize a process by simultaneously adjusting up to 15 continuous factors.

     Statistical Designs was founded by Stan Deming, a pioneer in experimental design. The company is highly regarded in the area.

  Chemometrics Companies (化学计量学公司)

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