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Spotfire(决策支持软件Spotfire DecisionSite)


     Spotfire is the leading provider of eAnalytic applications -- speeding the discovery, development, manufacture, and marketing of products across the extended enterprise.

Spotfire delivers a variety of Web applications through its eAnalytic application called Spotfire DecisionSite.

Specifically, it empowers decision makers to:

Quickly access required data, in any format, wherever it resides
Interactively explore and analyze data
Easily collaborate across teams, departments and geographies

Spotfire's eAnalytic applications serve a broad range of markets, such as:
Life Sciences, Oil and Gas, Chemical Process Industries, Manufacturing

     Spotfire DecisionSite -- Visualization and analysis, scenarios, open-source components, and eSupport

Spotfire Array Explorer -- Analyze microarray data using a variety of clustering methods and profile analyses

Spotfire Software Laboratory -- A development environment that allows Spotfire products to be used as a platform to build eAnalytic applications

Spotfire Computational Services -- Provides data mining and statistical methods via the Web that enable users to identify the significant variables and patterns to expedite informed analysis

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