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     DIALOG, a service of The Dialog Corporation, has been serving users since 1972. With over 450 databases from a broad scope of disciplines, it is truly the one-stop service for all of your information needs.

Bluesheets are written guides for every database on the Dialog? service. They contain detailed instructions on search techniques for the special features of each database, including file description, subject coverage, date range, update frequency, sources of the data, and the orgin of the information. On the Bluesheet you will also find a sample record that shows what you can expect to obtain when you perform a search in the database.

The most important part of the Bluesheet, however, is the Search Options section. Here you see the field labels that you can use to focus or narrow your search, as well as examples of how to use them online. Bluesheets on the Web are updated regularly and reflect the most current database information available.They also contain up-to-date rates information.

A current list of Bluesheets can be viewed by

Database Name

An alphabetical listing of the hundreds of databases on the Dialog system.

Database Number

A numeric listing of Dialog databases.


Dialog databases grouped by subject, e.g., business, law & government, news, patents, humanities, etc.

OneSearch Options/Groups

A DIALINDEX?/OneSearch subject category guide to the hundreds of databases on the Dialog system. Categories include computers, consumer products, education, chemistry, medicine, financial information, business, technology, and many more.

Search Index Options

A listing of Dialog databases, classified by the availability of particular index terms. For example, view a list of all databases that contain a Company Name (CO=) or Standard Industrial Classification (SC=) field.

Database Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions that apply to each database available on Dialog.
Databases by Subject Category:
Science - Chemistry

Abstracts in New Technologies and Engineering (ANTE)[238]
Adis R&D Insight[107]
Analytical Abstracts[305]
Beilstein Online[390]
BIOSIS Previews (1969-present)[5]
CA SEARCH - Chemical Abstracts (1967- present)[399]
Ceramic Abstracts[335]
Chapman and Hall Chemical Database[303]
Chemical Business NewsBase[319]
Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Abstracts[315]
Chemical Safety Newsbase[317]
CHEMTOX Online[337]
CLAIMS/Compound Registry[242]
CLAIMS/U.S. Patents[340]
Conference Papers Index[77]
Derwent Drug File (1983-present)[377]
Derwent Drug Registry File[375]
Dictionary of Substances and Their Effects (DOSE)[307]
Dissertation Abstracts Online[35]
Drug Information Fulltext[229]
Ei Compendex[8]
Elsevier Biobase[71]
EMBASE (1974-present)[73]
EMBASE Alert[172]
Energy Science and Technology[103]
Engineered Materials Abstracts[293]
Environmental Bibliography[68]
FLUIDEX (Fluid Engineering Abstracts)[96]
General Science Abstracts/Fulltext[98]
IMSworld Pharmaceutical Company Directory[443]
Inside Conferences[65]
INSPEC (1969-present)[2]
International Pharmaceutical Abstracts[74]
JICST-EPlus - Japanese Science & Technology[94]
Life Sciences Collection[76]
Material Safety Data Sheets - OHS[332]
Material Safety Label Data - OHS[334]
Material Safety Summary Sheets - OHS[333]
The McGraw-Hill Companies Publications Online[624]
MEDLINE (1966-present)[155]
The Merck Index OnlineSM[304]
METADEX: Metals Science[32]
New Scientist[369]
NTIS - National Technical Information Service[6]
Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSHTIC)[161]
Pesticide Fact File[306]
PIRA (Packaging, Paper, Printing and Publishing, Imaging and Nonwovens Abstracts)[248]
PLASPEC Materials Selection Database[321]
Pollution Abstracts[41]
Polymer Online[322]
Prous Science Drug Data Report[452]
Prous Science Drugs of the Future[453]
RAPRA: Rubber and Plastics[323]
Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances (RTECS)[336]
SciSearch - a Cited Reference Science Database - 1974-1989[434]
SciSearch - a Cited Reference Science Database - 1990-[34]
TSCA Chemical Substances Inventory[52]
USP Dictionary of USAN and International Drug Names[464]
Wilson Applied Science & Technology Abstracts[99]
Wilson Biological & Agricultural Index[143]
World Surface Coatings Abstracts[31]

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