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Journal of the American Chemical Society


【出版者】 American Chemical Society


     The Most Cited Journal in Chemistry*

"Even in a specialized age it is important for all chemists to be aware of developments at the frontiers of chemistry and, indeed, in other areas of science. The editors and editorial board of the Journal of the American Chemical Society believe JACS can help serve this purpose by publishing the best papers across a wide range of chemistry, presenting new methodologies applied to important problems, new synthetic methods, novel theoretical advances, and significant new results on structures and reactions." -Allen J. Bard, Editor

The Journal of the American Chemical Society , founded in 1879, is the flagship journal of the American Chemical Society and a highly esteemed journal in the field. This periodical is devoted to the publication of research papers in all fields of chemistry and publishes approximately 13,000 pages of new chemistry a year. Published weekly, JACS provides research crucial to the field of chemistry.

The Journal of the American Chemical Society publishes articles, communications to the Editor, book reviews, and computer software reviews.

     Free TOC, 1879 (Vol.1) -
Fulltext, 1879 (Vol.1) -

     EDITOR: Allen J. Bard, University of Texas, Austin

  美国化学会所有期刊将从第一卷第一期开始全部上网 (2000-08-19)
  ACS Journals & Magazines(美国化学会出版的所有期刊)
  美国化学会会志JACS创刊125周年纪念与回顾 (1879 - 2002)
  美国化学会会志JACS发表的125篇被引用最多的论文 (全文免费)
  Peter J. Stang (美国化学会会志JACS主编, 2002-)

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