ChIN简介页:美国明尼苏达大学化学工程和材料科学系:Edward L. Cussler教授的研究小组 (分离科学、传质)
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美国明尼苏达大学化学工程和材料科学系:Edward L. Cussler教授的研究小组 (分离科学、传质)



     Mass transfer, Novel separation processes

     Edward L. Cussler
Distinguished Institute Professor

     Edward L. Cussler
Professor of Chemical Engineering
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455
(612) 625-1596 (office)
(612) 922-2299 (home)
(612) 626-7246 (fax)

B.E., Chemical Engineering, Yale University, 1961
M.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1963
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1965

Alan P. Colburn Award, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 1975.
Ryan Undergraduate Teaching Award, Carnegie-Mellon University, 1975.
Minnesota Institute of Technology Teaching Award, 1984, 1989, 1991, 1993,1995, 1996, 1998.
George Taylor Distinguished Teaching Award, 1987.
Henskie Lectures, Yale University, 1995.
Katz Lectures, University of Michigan, 1996.
Danckwerts Lecture, Institution of Chemical Engineers, London, 1997.
ASEE Union Carbide Lectureship, 1998.
W. K. Lewis Award, AIChE, 2001.
American Chemical Society Separations Science Award, ACS, 2002.
National Academy of Engineering, 2002.

Journal of Membrane Science, Editorial Board, 1975 - present.
Chair, Gordon Conference, 1988 (Separations) and 1995 (Membranes).
Director, Vice President, President, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 1989-1995
Chair, American Association of Engineering Societies, 1996
AIChE Journal, Associate Editor, 1996 - present

Research in their group centers on two topics. The membrane work centers on distillation with highly permeable, non-selective hollow fibers. These fibers provide a huge area for mass transfer without the normal constraints of loading and flooding. Because of this, the height of a transfer unit can be small, less than 1 mm. In addition, an existing column retrofitted with these fibers will have over ten times greater capacity for separating, for example, propylene and propane.

The second topic, the antithesis of the first, involves membranes which are non-selectively impermeable rather than selectively permeable. These barrier membranes find applications in containing chlorinated compounds in landfills and in shielding oxygen from food. The greatest emphasis is on coatings with aligned inorganic flakes, which dramatically retard corrosion of aircraft. All this work falls under the scope of thin films.

  2002年美国化学会国家奖获得者 (ACS 2002 National Award Recipients)
  Chemical Product Design (化学产品设计)

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