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     The Division of Science Resources Statistics (SRS) fulfills the legislative mandate of the National Science Foundation Act to . . .

provide a central clearinghouse for the collection, interpretation, and analysis of data on scientific and engineering resources, and to provide a source of information for policy formulation by other agencies of the Federal Government. . .

To carry out this mandate, SRS designs, supports, and directs about 14 periodic surveys as well as a variety of other data collections and research projects. These surveys yield the materials for SRS staff to compile, analyze, and disseminate quantitative information about domestic and international resources devoted to science, engineering, and technology. Each year SRS produces about 30 publications, which can be roughly divided into the following categories:

** Detailed Statistical Tables reports containing an extensive collection of tabulated data from each of SRS's surveys;

** InfoBriefs highlighting results from recent surveys and analyses;

** Periodic "overview" reports, such as Science and Engineering Indicators or National Patterns of R&D Resources;

** Periodic reports on focused topics such as Women, Minorities, and Persons With Disabilities in Science and Engineering and International Science and Technology Data Update; and

** Special reports, such as Undergraduate Origins of Recent Science and Engineering Doctorate Recipients and International Resources for Science and Technology.

  Statistical Abstract of the United States (美国统计概要1995 - 2001)
  美国工业研究与开发统计数据 (IRIS)

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