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生物技术与生命科学资源: LabVelocity


     LabVelocity is providing the scientific community the premier online system
to find, compare and procure the resources required to make research more
efficient. By bringing together information services in a fully integrated
fashion, Labvelocity accelerates the process of scientific discovery.
Services available include product search tools, comparison tables,
experimental protocols, commonly used reference tables, detailed maps of DNA
vectors, conversion calculators and other software tools.

LabVelocity users also have the option to create a highly customized
homepage. After setting up personal research "agents," users receive daily
news feeds from established publishers. In September, users can search
Medline and create their own automated literature searches based on areas of
research and interest.

Founded by scientists and supported by a Board of Advisors that represents
the most esteemed scientific organizations and institutions, LabVelocity's
continual development focuses on developing services and tools for the
scientific research community.

Site Categories:


Quickly find and compare the products you need using our advanced product search engines. Include: Antibodies, Cell Culture, Chromatography, Electrophoresis, Microscopy, Vectors...


Detailed laboratory methods from the suppliers you trust.
Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Immunology, Molecular Biology, Signal Transduction...


Search MEDLINE, and create your own automated literature search agents.

Tools & Tables

Practical reference tools and resources for life scientists.
Buffer Recipe Calculator, Unit Conversion Calculators, DNA, RNA, Enzymes, Proteins...


Customize your homepage with daily news from a broad range of established publishers about AIDS, Healthcare, Cancer, Genomics, Biotechnology, Environment, Edit Custom News...

Lab Manager
Create a personalized archive of scientific literature, protocols, product lists and references.

  New Scientific Website for Your Review (2000-08-02)

Summary by 李晓霞 on 2000-08-04

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