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MDL Information Systems, Inc.


     Company: MDL Information Systems ("MDL") is the recognized leader in discovery informatics for the life science and chemical industries. Our software, content, and services provide the enterprise framework for identifying successful new products. MDL is an international business headquartered in San Leandro, CA with offices worldwide. MDL Information Systems, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Elsevier Science, Inc.

Founded: In 1978, as Molecular Design Limited

Employees: Approx. 430 worldwide

Customers: Thousands of users at more than 900 customer sites worldwide representing the chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and biotechnology industries, government and educational institutions, hospitals, and utility companies.

     Architectures for Discovery Informatics

Chemscape: Web access to structures and data

Cheshire for ISIS: Environment for structure manipulation and analysis

ISIS for Microsoft Excel: Spreadsheet access to structures and data

ISIS/Direct: Data cartridge for searching chemical data and structures

ISIS: Integrated Scientific Information System

High-Throughput Chemistry

Central Library: Enterprise-wide information management for parallel and combinatorial synthesis

Project Library: Desktop information management for parallel and combinatorial synthesis

Reagent Selector: Chemists' tool for selecting reagents

Biological Data Management

Assay Explorer: Flexible biological data management system

Content Browsing & Data Analysis Tools

ISIS Beilstein Interface: ISIS access to Beilstein database

LitLink Servers: One-click access to the primary literature

Reaction Browser: Reaction database search system

Reaction Web: Web-based access to chemical reactions

SCULPT: 3D structural visualization and analysis

Spotfire: Multi-dimensional, interactive data visualization

Environmental, Health, and Safety Data Management

OHS Safety Series: Environmental, health, and safety data management

Chemical Sourcing and Logistics

Available Chemicals Directory (ACD): Database of chemicals and their suppliers

Available Chemicals Directory-Screening Compounds (ACD-SC)

SMART: Sample Management and Reagent Tracking system

Bioactivity Databases

Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry (CMC): Biologically active compounds

MDL Drug Data Report (MDDR): Patent literature coverage

Metabolite: Metabolism information system

Toxicity: Toxic properties of chemical substances

Synthetic Methodology Databases

ChemInform Reaction Library: Solution-phase synthetic methodology

Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry (CHC)

Current Synthetic Methodology (CSM): New representative synthetic methodology

ORGSYN: Organic Syntheses

RX-JSM: Journal of Synthetic Methods

Reference Library of Synthetic Methodology (RefLib): Collection of representative novel syntheses

Solid-Phase Organic REactions (SPORE): Solid-phase synthetic methodology

THEILHEIMER: Synthetic Methods of Organic Chemistry

MDL File Formats

MDL File Formats: Published formats for chemical structures, reactions, and data

  Beilstein Informationssysteme GmbH
  ISIS/Draw 2.3 (2D化学结构输入)
  Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry (CMC)
  MDL Drug Data Report (MDDR)
  MDL Chime (在网页显示2D、3D化学结构的插件)
  Dr. Guenter Grethe (计算机化学)

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