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UK Pesticide Guide (英国农药指南,第17版)


【作者】Richard Whitehead

【卷、页】pp. approx 600

【版本】seventeenth edition

【出版者】The British Crop Protection Council

【出版日期】January 2004


【介质】Soft cover

【ISBN】0 85199 737 6

     The UK Pesticide Guide is a practical guide to the pesticides, plant growth regulators and adjuvants that farmers and growers can legally and effectively use in the UK. The seventeenth edition of this authoritative guide provides valuable information on 1,400 pesticide products and adjuvants for UK agriculture, horticulture, forestry and amenity use.

In the 2004 edition, all the products and active substances whose approvals were lost in 2003 have been deleted. The lists of 'Essential Use' derogations and 'Products Also Registered' have now been brought up to date providing a comprehensive listing of approved products.

New for 2004 - 130 new product entries have been added in this edition, along with 13 new active substances or mixtures of active substances and 6 new chemicals listed for the first time.

     Publications Sales
Tel: +44 (0) 1420 593 200

  The British Crop Protection Council (BCPC, 英国农作物保护委员会)
  Pesticide Manual (农药手册,第13版)

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