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Science of Synthesis and Houben-Weyl (Houben-Weyl有机合成手册系列及其数据库评述)


【收费情况】 免费

【作者】  Judith N. Currano, Head, Chemistry Library, University of Pennsylvania

【来源杂志或书籍】  Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship

【出版日期】  Summer 2007

     For many practitioners of synthetic organic chemistry, Houben-Weyl's Methoden der organischen Chemie, published by Georg Thieme Verlag, is a staple review source. Houben-Weyl began publication in 1909 with the first edition, consisting of two volumes and covering literature published as early as 1834. The last volumes of the supplemental E-series were published in 2003. Most volumes are in German; however, several of the more recent sets in the E-series are also available in English-language editions. The four editions and E-series are comprised of 183 volumes and index volumes (Georg Thieme Verlag 2000), and contain 146,000 experimental procedures, 580,000 structures, and 700,000 references (Thieme Chemistry 2007).

Since review sources are out-of-date almost as soon as they are published, Thieme decided that updates to Houben-Weyl were needed. Science of Synthesis was born as a result. Science of Synthesis' full title is: Science of Synthesis: Houben-Weyl Methods of Molecular Transformations (Backes et al. 2006). When completed in 2008, it will be a 48 volume set, reviewing more than a century of synthetic chemical literature. Thieme estimates that the completed set will contain over 18,000 experimental synthetic procedures, 180,000 reactions, and about 800,000 structures (Thieme Chemistry 2007).

The volumes of Science of Synthesis are divided into six different themed sets.

Heteranes and Related Ring Systems
Compounds with Four and Three Carbon-Heteroatom Bonds
Compounds with Two Carbon-Heteroatom Bonds
Compounds with One Carbon-Heteroatom Bond
Compounds with All-Carbon Functions


  Science of Synthesis: Houben-Weyl Methods of Molecular Transformation

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