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Tripos, Inc. (计算机辅助药物设计)


     Tripos is a leading provider of discovery research software and services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other life sciences companies worldwide.

The company is dedicated to simplifying and accelerating the discovery of new products in the pharmaceutical and related industries. Tripos offers "chemically intelligent" discovery software tools to manage, analyze and share biological and chemical information; systems integration services; diverse chemical libraries; and contract research for the identification and synthesis of new chemical compounds that are active in biological systems.

     Discovery Software:

Tripos provides a variety of high quality software through a common SYBYL? interface that simplifies and accelerates the discovery of drugs and new chemical entities in the agrochemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries.

Molecular Modeling and Visualization: Build, view, and compare structures...Calculate and explore molecular properties...Create and display molecular surfaces

SYBYL/base | Advanced Computation | MM2 ('91) | MM3 (2K) | AMPAC | MOLCAD | Confort

Chemical Information Systems: Create and explore chemical and biological databases...Decision support software...Compound databases for lead identification

UNITY | CONCORD | Molconn-Z | StereoPlex | ChemEnlighten | Commercial Databases

Pharmacophore Perception: Automatically align molecules...Identify correspondences between ligands...Determine 3D conformation of ligands bound to a target

DISCO | FlexS | GASP | Receptor

Combinatorial Chemistry & Molecular Diversity: Design and create virtual compound libraries...Compare the diversity of libraries...Select diverse and representative library subsets

Legion | CombiLibMaker | Selector | DiverseSolutions

Structure-Activity Relationships: Calculate molecular properties...Relate molecule structure to property...Build statistical and graphical models that predict activity

QSAR with CoMFA | Advanced CoMFA | Common Substructure | HQSAR | ClogP/CMR | HDISQ | Topkat

Structural Biology and Bioinformatics: Predict and build 3D protein structures...Analyze and evaluate macromolecule structures...Identify protein function from sequence

Composer | ProTable | GeneFold | Matchmaker

Macromolecule-Based Drug Design: Build, view and edit macromolecule structures...Locate binding sites... Screen virtual compound libraries...De novo ligand design

Biopolymer | SiteID | FlexX | CScore | LeapFrog

NMR Analysis and Structure Generation: Process and visualize multi-dimensional NMR data...Automatically assign spin networks...Extract distance restraints... Calculate structures


Desktop Modeling and Data Analysis: Display and explore molecules at the desktop...Create QSAR models...Analyze protein structure...Predict polymer properties

Alchemy 2000 | SciLogP | SciPolymer | SciProtein | SciQSAR

LeadQuest Compound Libraries:

LeadQuest is a growing compound library of greater than 50,000 compounds that meet our diversity and purity criteria. LeadQuest's compounds are based on a general understanding of biological relevance and are suitable for initial screening of any biological test system.

  iResearch System的组合化学合成样品库
  Aeon Technology Inc

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