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Compendex Chemistry 在ChemWeb免费试用到 2002年5月底(2002-03-28)


     Compendex Chemistry is free on ChemWeb for a trial period until 1 June 2002.
Compendex Chemistry is an abstracts database covering international journal
literature related to chemistry and chemical engineering. It is strongest in
the areas of applied chemistry and analytical chemistry, but also covers
many other fields such as physical chemistry, health and safety, organic and
inorganic chemistry, and materials science. The database includes over
250,000 records.

After this free trial, Compendex Chemistry is available through Engineering
Information's ChemVillage - a unique, cost-effective research tool providing
a powerful way to search across multiple databases quickly and seamlessly
from one easy-to-use interface for one annual subscription fee.

  ChemVillage (化学文献摘要检索)

Summary by 李晓霞 on 2002-03-28

Last updated by 李晓霞 on 2002-03-28

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