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     Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AZPN) is the largest integrated solutions provider focused exclusively on serving the unique needs of the $5 trillion process industries. Combining a 20-year track record of deep process expertise with best-in-class technology, AspenTech delivers intelligent e-business solutions that create quantifiable value: today our customers are gaining tens to hundreds of millions of dollars in value per year through increased asset utilization, greater efficiency, and higher throughput.

AspenTech solutions enable process manufacturers to automate and optimize their plants and extended supply chains, while enabling e-business across the enterprise, among trading partners and with digital marketplaces.

AspenTech's offerings comprise the industry's broadest family of scalable solutions with end-to-end integration in, not just one, but all three process industry value chains: supply chain, engineering/innovation life cycle, and manufacturing.

AspenTech is the supply chain market leader in process industries with more than 2,500 worldwide installations, with 48% of the market in chemicals and petroleum.

AspenTech intelligent e-business solutions demonstrate proven technical capability and documented value.

AspenTech intelligent e-business solutions embed deep process knowledge, best-in-class technology, and domain specific collaborative workflow processes to meet the unique needs of specific vertical industries in the process arena

AspenTech intelligent e-business solutions are supported by strategic alliances with leading business and technology partners- such as IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Origin - and by our professionals, who comprise the industry's largest talent pool of process industry experts: a global "brain trust" of more than 600 professionals averaging 15 years of process industry experience.


AspenTech was founded in 1981 to commercialize, technology developed by the Advanced System for Process Engineering (ASPEN) Project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. AspenTech went public in October 1994 and has acquired 19 industry-leading companies as part of its mission to offer a complete integrated, solution to the process industries. Over the past year AspenTech has Web enabled its solutions and expanded its offerings to provide best-in-class intelligent e-business for global enterprises and their trading partners as well as net marketplaces. Some of the company's acquisitions include Treiber controls, Inc., Chesapeake Decision Sciences, Inc., Zyqad, Ltd., CIMTECH.A., Contas Process Control S.r.L., IISYS, Inc., Special Analysis and Simulation Technologies, Ltd., Neuralware, Inc., PIMS business group from Bechtel Corp., B-JAC International, Inc., the Process Control Division of U.K.-based Cambridge Control Ltd., Dynamic Matrix Control Corporation (DMCC), Setpoint, Inc ., Industrial Systems, Inc. (ISI), and Prosys Technology, Ltd., and Petrolsoft.

AspenTech's Plantelligence? Solutions automate and optimize critical business processes at the plant level. AspenTech's Enterprise Optimization? solutions extend the scope of optimization across the enterprise and extended supply chain. AspenTech eSupply chain solutions enable manufacturers to integrate seamlessly with customers, suppliers, trading partners and digital marketplaces.

AspenTech employs more than 1,600 people worldwide.

     Product Name: Product Suite

1st Quality: Manufacturing
Accounting.21: Manufacturing
Aspen ADSIM: Engineering
Aspen Aerotran: Engineering
Aspen Advisor: Manufacturing
Aspen Blend: Manufacturing
Aspen Calc: Manufacturing
Aspen Chromatography: Engineering
Aspen Custom Modeler: Engineering
Aspen Dynamics: Engineering
Aspen eBusiness: eSupply Chain
Aspen electronic Batch Record System (AeBRS) Manufacturing
Aspen FCC: Engineering
Aspen Framework: Integration
Aspen Genealogy: Manufacturing
Aspen Hetran: Engineering
Aspen IQ: Manufacturing
Aspen License Manager: Integration
Aspen MIMI: eSupply Chain
Aspen Multivariate: Manufacturing
Aspen OnLine: Engineering/Manufacturing
Aspen OLI: Engineering
Aspen Optimizer: Engineering
Aspen OTISS: Engineering
Aspen PEP: Engineering
Aspen PEP Process Library: Engineering
Aspen PET Library: Engineering
Aspen PIMS: eSupply Chain
Aspen Pinch: Engineering
Aspen Plus: Engineering
Aspen Process Explorer: Manufacturing
Aspen Process Recipe: Manufacturing
Aspen Process Order: Manufacturing
Aspen Product Tracking: Manufacturing
Aspen Production Management Manufacturing
Aspen Properties: Engineering
Aspen RefSked: eSupply Chain
Aspen RT-Opt: Engineering/Manufacturing
Aspen Split: Engineering
Aspen Sustained Performance: Manufacturing
Aspen Target: Manufacturing
Aspen Teams: Engineering
Aspen Transition Management Manufacturing
Aspen Watch: Manufacturing
Aspen Water: Engineering
Aspen Zyqad: Engineering
Batch.21: Manufacturing
Batch Plus: Engineering/Manufacturing
BATCHFRAC: Engineering
BPT Libraries Integration
Business Process Explorer Integration
CIMIO Manufacturing
CIMVIEW: Manufacturing
Compliance.21 Manufacturing
DETHERM Engineering
DMCplus: Manufacturing
ERP Connect: Manufacturing
InfoPlus.21: Manufacturing
Lot Tracking Manufacturing
POLYMERS PLUS: Engineering
Profile.21: Manufacturing
Q for Aspen Process Explorer: Manufacturing
RATEFRAC: Engineering

  上海: 申迪软件工程有限公司(SATech)

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