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K. G. Saur Publishing


     K.G. Saur, a Gale/Thomson Learning company, is known throughout the world as one of the leading publishers of biographical and bibliographical reference titles serving the library and academic community worldwide. Today about 2,200 titles are available in print, on CD-ROM and DVD, on microfiche and on-line. K.G. Saur's publishing program covers a broad range of subjects, e.g. arts, music, literature, history, politics, humanities and social sciences, business, classical studies and library and information science. In addition, in fall 2002, a large print program with fiction and non-fiction titles has been started.

K.G. Saur is based in Munich, Germany, and maintains editorial offices in Leipzig and Osnabrück. With about 120 staff members, K.G. Saur operates globally, with products designed for the international market and a sales and distribution structure serving the customers worldwide. Through the offices of Gale and Thomson Learning, K.G. Saur products are represented on every continent, while K.G. Saur, Munich, represents Gale products in the German-speaking and Eastern European markets.

  Information Sources in Chemistry (化学信息源)

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