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Golden Helix, Inc.(数据挖掘和化合物筛选软件)


     Golden Helix, Inc. produces subject-specific, data mining software. Products are available for pharmacogenomics and intelligent, target-specific compound selection.

Golden Helix, Inc. has pioneered the creation of advanced pharmacogenomics software that can relate thousands of interacting genes and environmental factors to clinical outcomes. This computational system will empower pharmaceutical companies to create customized drugs, i.e., drugs that render maximum efficacy and minimize side effects based on an individual's genotype.

Their compound selection software enables screeners to increase hit rates from 500% to 1600% while reducing the number of compounds tested by 80% or more, thus generating substantial savings.

Golden Helix, Inc. was founded in September 1998 by Dr. Christophe Lambert (Ph.D., Duke University).

Golden Helix, Inc. has assembled an impressive team of genetics, statistics, and computer science experts.

Golden Helix, Inc.
716 S 20th Ave. Ste. 102
Bozeman, Montana 59718 - USA
Ph: 406-585-8137
Fax: 406-522-1503

     HelixTree: pharmacogenomics software

ChemTree: intelligent, target-specific compound selection software (HTS)

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