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     The Internet resources on solubility parameters are organized bases on Allan Barton's works.

In 1975 Allan Barton of Murdoch University introduced (Chemical Reviews, 75, 731, with 400 citations in Science Citation Index) the new encompassing term "cohesion parameter" and a new systematic cohesion parameter unit.

The new cohesion parameter terminology and unit have been adopted internationally, and his Handbook of Solubility Parameters and Other Cohesion Parameters (CRC Press, 1983 and second edition in 1991) has become the standard work on this subject in the chemical, pharmaceutical and polymer industries. It has 600 citations in Science Citation Index so far, and is still receiving about 60 citations each year.

In the area of polymer-liquid interactions Allan Barton published a comprehensive correlation on the basis of cohesion parameters ( Handbook of Polymer-Liquid Interaction Parameters, CRC Press, 1990).

  溶解度(溶度)数据源Solubility Resources, Caltech
  溶度参数:原理与应用(Solubility Parameters: Theory and Application)

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