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测量单位大全 (美国北卡罗来纳大学)


     Table of Contents

Commentary and Explanation:

Using the Dictionary
Using Numbers and Units
Roman and Arabic Numerals
Names of Large Numbers
Symbols and Abbreviations
The International System (SI)
SI Base (Fundamental) Units
SI Derived Units
Metric Prefixes
SI Units for Clinical Data in Medicine
The English Customary Systems
The Metric System
CGS and MKS Units
Spelling of Metric Units
The Metric System in the United States
ISO and IOC country codes
Links to Related Sites

What's New

Index of Tables and Scales:

Apgar scoring (newborns)
Beaufort scales (wind velocity)
Bushel weights (U.S.)
Cotton bale weights
Danjon scale (lunar eclipse brightness)
Drought severity (U.S.)
Fujita scale (tornados, U.S.)
Glasgow coma scale
Grit sizes
Hat sizes
Mercalli scale (earthquakes)
Nutritional daily values (U.S.)
Paper sheet sizes (British)
Paper sheet sizes (ISO)
Paper sheet sizes (U.S.)
Radiocarbon year conversion
Saffir-Simpson scale (hurricanes, U.S.)
Sheet metal gauges
Shotgun gauges
SI units for medical data
Torino impact hazard scale
Tropical cyclone categories (Australia)
Viscosity grades (ISO)
Volcanic Explosivity Index
Wind chill chart (U.S.)
Wire gauge table (U.S./U.K.)

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  计量单位及单位转换大全 (英国埃克塞特大学)

Summary by 杨宏伟 on 2003-10-16

Last updated by 杨宏伟 on 2003-10-16

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