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     World Index of Molecular Visualization Resources is a Visitor-Maintained Indices (VMI)TM Site by Eric Martz and Trevor D. Kramer. Server courtesy by Philip Bourne and the San Diego Supercomputer Center.


Molecular 3D Visualization Servers
DeepView / Swiss-PDBViewer Resources
Molecules: Sources of PDB Files (over 35 sources!)
Galleries of Molecular Images (static - no plugins required)
EMail Lists and Newsgroups on Molecular Visualization
Physical Molecular Models and Molecular Sculpture
Free Molecular Visualization and Modeling Software (>85!)
Commerical Software for Molecular Visualization and Modeling

as well as

Educational Tutorials:

Biochemical Structure Tutorials with Rotating/Interactive Molecular Displays
(includes over 150 sites by 79 authors covering hundreds of topics!)
Organic Chemistry Structure Visualization Tutorials
Inorganic/Crystal Structure Visualization Tutorials
K-12 Molecular Visualization Tutorials
Non-English Resources

  3D分子图形显示工具 (RasMol and OpenRasMol)
  Jmol (分子可视化软件)
  3D分子结构显示工具、知识 (Chime资源)

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