ChIN简介页:2003年发布的美国化工企业排名前50位 (Top 50 U.S. Chemical Producers, 2003)
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2003年发布的美国化工企业排名前50位 (Top 50 U.S. Chemical Producers, 2003)


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【来源杂志或书籍】  Chemical & Engineering News

【卷(期):页】  Volume 81, Number 19, 21-25

【出版日期】  May 12, 2003

     C&EN’s annual ranking of U.S chemical makers has gotten a new look. The Top 75 U.S. Chemical Producers ranking has become the Top 50 U.S. Chemical Producers.

This year, C&EN’s list includes U.S.-owned companies only. Foreign-owned companies used to be included in the ranking, but now C&EN runs a separate ranking of the U.S. sales of the top 25 foreign companies.

The ranking was modified to reflect changing times in the chemical industry. By ranking U.S. and foreign-owned companies together, C&EN pitted global sales of U.S. chemical companies against the sales administered by the U.S. headquarters of overseas producers.

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