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Hyprotech (过程模拟)



First interactive process simulator, HYSIM
First process simulator for the PC, HYSIM
First process simulator with integrated steady-state and dynamics, HYSYS
First and only 32-bit object-oriented process simulator, HYSYS
First and only process simulator to incorporate Microsoft OLE Automation technology, which not only allows the integration of proprietary unit operations, reactions and property packages but also enables interaction with other applications, HYSYS
First and only process simulation company to be featured in a case study on the Microsoft manufacturing web site
First major process simulation company to be featured on The MathWorks web site

Hyprotech Fact:

Hyprotech was founded in 1976 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hyprotech has grown at a rate of nearly 30% per year over the past five years
Hyprotech is the top independent engineering software company in Canada (Financial Post Magazine, March 1996)
Hyprotech products are used by over 50% of the world’s refineries (Hydrocarbon Processing, June 1996)
Hyprotech products are used by over 90% of the world’s gas processors (Hydrocarbon Processing, June 1996)
Hyprotech has more software packages on the market than any other process simulation company
HYSIM has been consistently ranked as the preferred and most frequently used simulation software by engineers in independent surveys (100% Software Solutions)
Hyprotech has technical alliances with MDC (on-line optimization), KBC ( Refinery Profit Improvement Program), CAE (operator training), the University of Massachusetts (distillation synthesis) and the University of Wisconsin (polymers modeling)

     Hyprotech provides a route to improved designs, optimized production and enhanced decision making for more than 1500 customers in over 80 countries around the globe.

Product families

HYSYS: Integrated Simulation for the Continuous Processing Industries

BaSYS: Improve Profitability and Business Performance for the Batch Processing Industries

AXSYS: Enhance Enterpris