ChIN简介页:如何查找物理和化学性质数据(Finding Physical and Chemical Properties)
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如何查找物理和化学性质数据(Finding Physical and Chemical Properties)



Activation Energies Environmental Fate Isoelectric Point
Activity Coefficients Equilibrium Constants Kinetic Data
Adsorption and Adsorption Coefficients Expansion Coefficient Lattice Energies
Antoine Coefficients and Constants Explosive Properties Log P
Atomic Mass Constant Exposure Limits Luminescence
Atomic Radius Extinction Coefficient Melting Point
Avogadro's Constant Flammability Molar Absorptivity
Bioconcentration Factor Flash Point Molecular Weight
Biodegradation Free Energy NFPA Chemical Hazard Labelling
Bohr Radius Freezing Point Octanol/Water Partition Coefficient
Boiling Point Friction Coefficient Optical Rotation
Boltzmann Constant Fundamental Physical Constants Oxidation-Reduction Potentials
Bond Energies G-Factors Oxidation States
Bond Lengths/Bond Angles Gas Law Ozone Depletion Potential
Compressibility Gibbs Free Energy Partition Coefficients
Conductivity Half Life Phase Diagrams
Conversion factors Hazard Ratings, Code and Reactions Physical Properties, General
Corrosion Heat Capacity pK
Critical Properties Heat of Combustion Proton Affinity
Crystal Structure and Space Groups Heat of Dilution Radii
Debye-Huckel Coefficients Heat of Formation Rate Coefficients
Decomposition Rate Heat of Fusion Rate Constants
Degradation Heat of Hydration Refractive Index
Density Heat of Ionization Solubility
Dielectric Constant Heat of Mixing Space Group
Diffusion (Molecular) Heat of Neutralization Specific Gravity
Dipole Moment Heat of Polymerization Specific Heat
Dissociation Constant Heat of Reaction Specific Rotation
Distribution Coefficient Heat of Solution Stability Constants
Electrical Conductivity Heat of Sublimation Surface Tension
Electrical Resistivity Heat of Transformation Tensile Strength
Electrode Potentials Heat of Transition Thermal Conductivity
Electron Affinity Heat of Vaporization Thermal Diffusivity
Electron Binding Energies Henry's Law Constants and Coefficients Thermal Expansion
Electron Configuration Internuclear Distance Thermodynamic Properties
Electronegativity Ionization Constant Vapor Pressure
Enthalpy Ionization Energy Virial Coefficient
Enthalpy of... Ionization Heat Viscosity
Entropy Ionization Potential Young's Modulus

  ThermoDex: 热力学数据手册索引
  物性数据(化学和物理性质)源(Chemical & Physical Property Information Resource)
  物理、化学数据源介绍(Indiana University)
  美国范德比尔特大学化学工程系:Peter T. Cummings教授的研究小组

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