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Elsevier推出世界最大的科技文献摘要库Scopus (2004-11-03)


     Scopus is launched to the world at the Science Museum in London, UK, on 3 November 2004.

     Scopus - covering 14,000 scientific titles plus 167 million scientific web pages, and delivering the largest collection of abstracts ever collected online in one place, going back forty years - is now commercially available for trial and sale to any institution.

The first fully functioning version of Scopus was released to select libraries for final testing and user trials on 15th March 2004.

Scopus was conceived solely in response to librarian and user requirements, and is the result of a two year collaboration with librarians and researchers at over 20 of the world’s foremost institutions

At the heart of Scopus is the biggest A&I database of scientific literature ever assembled, covering titles from over 4000 STM publishers. Scopus also simultaneously searches the scientific Web using the science-only Internet search engine, Scirus

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