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科技报告Technical Reports查询方法


     The United States federal government is responsible for the largest percentage of the world’s report literature, much of which is processed and distributed by the National Technical Information Service (NTIS). Several widely-known U.S. report series should be mentioned:

AD: stands for Astia Document, originally a publication of the Armed Services Technical Information Agency, now used generally for Defense Department documents. AD reports are currently distributed by the National Technical Information Service, or NTIS.

PB: stands for Publications Board, now distributed by NTIS

N: an unclassified NASA report

DE: a Department of Energy report


There are several major print indexing, abstracting and announcing services, as well as bibliographic databases and full-text report collections online. United States government agencies are leaning increasingly towards full-text electronic publication of new reports.


GrayLIT Network: A Science Portal of Technical Reports.
NTIS Electronic Catalog.
NTIS Database
NASA Technical Reports Server.
DOE Information Bridge.
DOE Reports Bibliographic Database.


Government Reports Announcements & Index (GRA&I)
Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports (STAR)
Energy Research Abstracts (ERA)

  美国政府灰色文献门户GrayLIT Network
  NTIS (美国政府报告通报与索引数据库, 1990-)
  Technical Reports (科技报告的获取方法)
  美国能源部DOE:科技报告全文服务Information Bridge
  美国国防部科技信息库STINET (原AD报告)

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