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     European Register of Marine Species (ERMS)

A Concerted Action project funded under the European Union MAST research programme (MAS3-CT97-0146)

Project co-ordination:
Dr Mark J. Costello, Chris Emblow,
Ecological Consultancy Services Limited (EcoServe),
7 Glenmalure Park, Rialto, Dublin 8; Ireland.
Tel. +353-1-490 3237; 453 3195; Fax -492 5694;

     The foundation of biodiversity research and management is correctly identifying and naming species. This database is a register of marine species in Europe, linked with a bibliography of identification guides, register of taxonomic experts and locations of collections of reference specimens, and an Information Pack on European marine biodiversity. The species register is novel in its geographic extent, range of taxa covered. It is anticipated that the register will become a standard reference (and technological tool) for marine biodiversity training, research and management in Europe.

     The ERMS web site is not being updated at present, pending the outcome of the ENBI project negotiations (29 October 2002)

Summary by 梁春燕 on 2003-08-04

Last updated by 李晓霞 on 2003-08-13

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