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CambridgeSoft Corporation



     CambridgeSoft Corporation, formerly Cambridge Scientific Computing, develops, markets and supports high-quality desktop and Internet applications for chemists and engineers. Its principal product is CS ChemOffice?, a software suite that integrates chemical structure drawing, molecular modeling and analysis, and chemical information management.

CS has well over 250,000 users at companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, petroleum, and other chemical-related industries, as well as in government and educational institutions throughout the world.

Solutions:E-Commerce,E-Lab Notebook,CombiChem,Registration,Databases,Inventory,
Web Apps

     CambridgeSoft web services include

  ChemOffice Net 5.0
  宏剑讯科软件技术有限公司 (化学品目录、价格)
  Organic Syntheses(有机合成手册), John Wiley & Sons
  ChemNews.Com newsletter

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