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Toxline中各数据库的覆盖年代(Toxline Component Databases - Date Coverage)

     From: A. Ben Wagner
Date: Tuesday, March 25, 2003, 12:22:28 AM
Subject: Toxline Component Databases - Date Coverage

I am rather astonished that I can not find on the web at NLM or anywhere
else the date coverage of the NLM TOXLINE Special databases, other than the
fact that 7 of the component databases are active (currently updated) and
11 of them are not. Calls to NLM customer service were not successful.
They seemed confused that anyone would care about the exact dates of each
file, and that it might takes hours to find this out! I find this
particularly ironic given the rather recent death of a person participating
in medical research at John Hopkins which was traced to the failure to
search literature prior to the start date of PUBMED. If there are any NLM
folk on this listserv, the dates covered, even for the overall database,
are not mentioned on the Toxline FactSheet at:

The last time I saw individual component file date coverage was in the very
old ELHILL NLM mainframe documentation and that is far too out of date to
be of use even if I still had my copy. Can anyone advise where this info

-- A. Ben Wagner
Sciences Librarian
University at Buffalo
The State University of New York

     From: Robert Buntrock
Date: Tuesday, March 25, 2003, 1:15:16 AM
Subject: Toxline Component Databases - Date Coverage

At the risk of receiving a bunch of "out of office replies" (typically
from publisher reps who all seem to be at the ACS meeting in New
Orleans), I'll respond to this note. Unfortunately, I don't have any
further data on component database coverage for TOXLINE. I too am
amazed that current customer service reps for NLM don't see the need for
such data, don't know why it isn't posted, and don't seem to know where
to find it.

However, I assume that the old original data for the TOXLINE file would
still be valid, but I have no idea where this might be in my files if
indeed I still have it. I gave up using TOXLINE on NLM quite a while
ago when I determined that it was not very useful except when used in
conjunction with other tox databases and the TOXLINE results (and
others) deduped out. I began using TOXLINE, et al., on STN and of
course switched to TOXCENTER after TOXLINE and TOXLIT were withdrawn
from STN.

Having said that, I just made a second pass through the STN TOXLINE
documentation (1997, revised) that I had not as yet discarded from my
STN Data Summary Sheets notebook. The earliest file beginning dates I
see are 1950 (EMIC and ETIC); otherwise common onset dates are 1969-70
or later. I retype the list if needed, or it may still be available
from STN customer service even though TOXLINE is now defunct on STN.

Again, NLM needs improvement with customer services (or lack thereof),
database header info, etc. Hopefully, such lack of service is not a
chronic feature of a "free" service, although such arguments have been
used in the past.

-- Bob Buntrock
Buntrock Associates, Inc.
From: A. Ben Wagner
Date: Tuesday, March 25, 2003, 11:31:22 PM
Subject: Toxline Component Databases

I took one more stab at trying to answer my own question to CHMINF. Still
cannot find any documentation as to dates of coverage, but I did discovered
a wealth of hidden search features under the "LIMITS" button that permitted
both date ranging and limiting a null search (no keywords entered) to a
particular file component. Hence I was able to empirically with patience
directly determine the publication dates covered in each component. I have
included this information below my signature line for those interested.

To check my work, go to the main Toxline search screen, Choose the "Search
in Toxline Special Only" radio button and click on LIMIT. A search screen
appears where publication dates and the component files can be selected.

As a result of this process, I discovered some other interesting facts
about both the search system and the component files.

1) Despite being able to enter 4-digit years, the search system does not
handle the very few 1800's records in the databases. Searching for 1997
will also retrieve 1897.

2) Since 2,614 records have been added to TOXLINE Special databases in the
last month, it would appear that the update frequency is at least monthly.

3) The Toxicology Research Projects (CRISP) is listed as a current, active
database in the Toxline fact sheet
( However, it has
not been updated in the past 18 months and contains no records from

4) The closed Environmental Teratology Information Center file (ETIC) has
actually been continued by the active Developmental and Reproductive
Toxicology file (DART). The Toxline fact sheet says nothing about this and
the search limits where you pick file components lists only DART on the
drop down list. It turns out that DART retrieves both the DART and ETIC
records, but this is not documented. You can retrieve the ETIC records by
choosing DART and then limiting your search to pre-1989.

5) I received this information in an e-mail from Sweden regarding a more
up-to-date URL where the Swedish Nat. Chemicals Inspectorate RISKLINE can
be searched:
Riskline is one of the component databases of Toxline. The date coverage is
from 1972 on. You can search Riskline free of charge on the website of the
National Chemicals Inspectorate, Sweden ( Go to English
version, Links. There is also information about the contents of Riskline.
This version of Riskline is always updated whereas the NLM Toxline does not
contain the most recent Riskline references.

Kind regards,

Elisabeth Malmberg
Information specialist, Library
National Chemicals Inspectorate
PO Box 1384
S-171 27 Solna, Sweden
From: Robert Buntrock
Date: Wednesday, March 26, 2003, 7:09:40 AM
Subject: Toxline Component Databases

Ben Wagner is to be congratulated for doing all the homework for us on
the coverage date ranges of the component databases of TOXLINE. Again,
NLM is be chided (condemned?) for not providing these data as part of
their customer services or user aids. To my best recollection, they
formerly did. Is this an artifact of bringing this and other databases
back in-house at NLM. TANSTAAAFL!

I've copied Ben's list, shown below, and added starting dates of the
component databases in the last data I have (1997) for the TOXLINE File
on STN [in brackets]. I know this is a moot point since TOXLINE no
longer exists on STN, but there are some interesting comparisons. Many
if not the majority have the same starting years, a few started later,
and a surprising few actually started earlier.

Of course, in both cases, the basis of the file is/was the TOXLINE
segment of MEDLINE. In addition, NLM withdrew the file portion
extracted from the CA file several years ago. STN continued to supply
this portion as the TOXLIT file. As of late 2001, this portion was made
a component of the TOXCENTER file. Starting dates for component files
for TOXCENTER include: BIOSIS, 1969; CAplus, 1947; IPA, 1970; MEDLINE,

For this reason among others (superior compound identification, cross
file searching and deduping), unless I or my customers need specialty
file tox info (often redundant with other tox files available on STN), I
use STN for tox and similar info.

-- Bob Buntrock
Buntrock Associates, Inc.
(usual disclaimers)

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