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Encyclopedia of Separation Science (分离科学百科全书)


【作者】Editor-in-chief: Ian D. Wilson , AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Alderley Park, U.K.

【卷、页】4502 Pages

【版本】10 Volume set

【出版者】Academic Press

【出版日期】printed in August 2000


     Separation Science is the science of separating mixtures into their components and identifying the nature of these components. It virtually covers every area of the hard sciences, from chemistry, biology, medicine, pharmacy, clinical chemistry, petroleum, cosmetic, nuclear, food, agrochemical, brewing and winemaking industry and environmental sciences.

The Encyclopedia of Separation Science covers the literature in this field from 1903 onwards. The print edition of the Encyclopedia was published in August 2000 in ten volumes.

The Encyclopedia of Separation Science is the most comprehensive resource available on the theory, techniques, and applications of separation science. The work presents information on three levels. The first volume contains Level 1, which provides a broad overview of the theory of the 12 main categories of separation techniques. Volumes 2-4 (Level 2) expand coverage with detailed theoretical and technical descriptions of particular techniques. The remaining Volumes 5-9 (Level 3) cover applications of these techniques from the micro to the macro, and also from the analytical laboratory bench to large-scale industrial processes. Volume 10 consists mainly of the index.

Online features and functionality:

Extensive browse and search across indices

Basic and advanced search functionality within volumes, parts of volumes, or across the whole work
Build, save and re-run searches as well as combine saved searches.

Internal cross-referencing between articles in the work, plus outward linking to journal articles and abstract databases, making navigation flexible and easy.

All articles are available as full-text HTML files, and as PDF files that can be viewed, downloaded or printed out in their original print format.

     Encyclopedia of Separation Science is now online via ScienceDirect.

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