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HaveItAll IR(Sadtler IR谱图库光盘)


 $300 (one seat).

     With HaveItAll IR, now you can have all the infrared data you've always wanted. HaveItAll IR puts the world's largest infrared spectral collection of over 180,000 spectra at your fingertips — with more than 90,000 spectra of pure compounds and over 80,000 commercial spectra on CD. That's more than twice the amount of IR data than anyone else can offer. Combined with a new subscription-based pricing paradigm, HaveItAll IR is revolutionizing the way IR spectra are searched. And now, you can get it all on CD to allow for secure searches on your own desktop.

Whether you need access to polymers, pure organics, inorganics, organometallics, or industrial compounds within industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Forensics, Materials Science, or within Academia, you can be sure that this collection will meet your needs. And, as a special bonus, HaveItAll IR also includes 3,300 Raman spectra.

     There is an excellent review of the Sadtler product HaveItAll by Tony
Davies in Spectroscopy Europe Vol 12(4) pages 22-26 (the July/August

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