ChIN简介页:RealityGrid (项目:基于网格计算的介观和纳米水平的复杂凝聚态物质结构建模以及新材料开发)
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RealityGrid (项目:基于网格计算的介观和纳米水平的复杂凝聚态物质结构建模以及新材料开发)


     RealityGrid proposes to extend the concept of a Virtual Reality centre across the grid and links it to massive computational resources at high performance computing centres and experimental facilities. It involves applications in bioinformatics and its long term ambition is to provide generic technology for grid based scientific, medical and commercial activities.

RealityGrid is a collaboration between distinguished teams of physical scientists, computer scientists and software engineers. The project also has a strong international dimension, involving collaborations with several US Universities and National Laboratories as well as European supercomputing centres, a substantial budget for travel and funds to host three Visiting Fellows from overseas.

The collaborating universities, each of which is already exceptionally well resourced, comprise:

University College, London (Centre for Computational Science and Department of Chemistry);
University of Edinburgh (Department of Physics and Astronomy and Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre);
University of Manchester (Manchester Computing and Department of Computer Science);
Imperial College, University of London (Department of Computing);
Loughborough University (Department of Computer Science and Department of Mathematical Sciences); and
University of Oxford (Department of Materials).

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