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Bell Labs (贝尔实验室, 纳米技术/分子自组装/导电高分子)


     Theoretical Physics
Biological Physics
Materials Research
Optical Physics Research
Semiconductor Physics Research
Nanotechnology Research
Wireless Networking

     As the innovation engine behind Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs designs products and services that are at the forefront of communications technology, and conducts fundamental research in fields important to communications.

Research organizations focus on fundamental research in physical sciences and engineering, computing and mathematical sciences, and communications sciences. Special emphasis is placed on silicon processing, photonic communications and wireless communications -- three of the core technologies of the corporation.


Bell Labs Facts

Bell Laboratories, the research and development arm of Lucent Technologies, has been operating continuously since 1925.

The world's leading source of communications technologies, Bell Labs remains one of the world's most prolific invention factories. Its employees have generated more than 40,000 inventions since 1925.

The average home contains at least 25 products that stem from Bell Labs innovations, including phones, TVs, remote controls, VCRs, radios, stereos, CD players, and computers.

Work under way at Bell Labs today is redefining what's possible in communications. In the last few months, Bell Labs announced:
the first all optical router;
software that makes Web content accessible by telephone;
a record for the fastest transmission of data over fiber;
a new material that may be useful for making plastic semiconductor chips;
the most sensitive technology available for pinpointing the location of wireless 911 calls.

Bell Labs played a pivotal role in inventing and perfecting key communications technologies for most of the 20th century, including transistors, digital computers, digital networking and signal processing, lasers and fiber-optic communications systems, communications satellites, cellular telephony, electronic switching of calls, the Unix operating system, the world's most widely used computer programming languages, fault-tolerant software, software-based communication services, speech synthesis and recognition, stereo sound, the fax machine, touch-tone dialing, and modems.

Equally pervasive, though virtually invisible, are Bell Labs' contributions in fields such as quality assurance, data analysis, and operations research. Systems engineering, which originated at Bell Labs in the 1920s, allows today's product developers to assess interoperability, end-to-end performance, the economics of new technologies, and other critical issues.

Thanks to many Bell Labs innovations, Lucent Technologies is a leader in network switching, communications software, optical networking, networking services and support, communications integrated circuits, optoelectronic components for communications, wireless network equipment, and many other areas.

Bell Labs has become a global R&D with approximately 16,000 employees spread across more than a dozen countries.

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