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Links for Chemists (英国利物浦大学)


     This index now lists over 7500 Chemistry resources on the WWW. The project is currently supported by The Royal Society of Chemistry and Advanced Chemistry Development Inc. we encourage you to visit their sites.

The most recent addition to the index is a page called Whatever Happened to...?. It lists a number of once popular chemistry urls that have either moved, fallen into disrepair or totally disappeared, but continue to be listed all over the chemical web. These chemical cobwebs can prevent inexperienced users of the web from locating the information that they need. Hours can be spent following out of date links to sites which have long since disappeared. This section was designed to assist chemistry webmasters in keeping their chemistry links up to date.

Links for Chemists is the copyright of The University of Liverpool, Department of Chemistry we hope you will abide by our fair-use guidelines whilst using this index. Links for Chemists is part of a collaborative effort to index International University Chemistry Department websites, including links to all UK University Chemistry Departments.

  世界化学院系目录, IUCD
  Electrochemistry Group, University of Liverpool (利物浦大学电化学研究组)
  世界各大学总汇 (导航链接)

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