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ACCVIP: 澳大利亚计算化学网络教学项目


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     The web is developed by collabration of four Australia universities sponsored by CAUT(Committee for the Advancement of University Teaching as part of Computational Chemistry Project. It aims to help students better learn computational chemistry via internet. For the reaon, it increases the range of computational chemistry topics, the relevance of what topics and makes computational chemistry available through previously unused methods, exposing students to increasingly important computer networking concepts. The Computational Chemistry teaching modules containing detailed tutorial materials , most of which access to is without restriction, covers such topics as Introduction to the use of the Internet for chemists, Basic molecular modelling, Empirical and semi-empirical molecular orbital theory, Basic Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships (QSAR), Basic ab initio quantum chemistry, Molecular mechanics and dynamics, Advanced molecular mode lling, Advanced ab initio quantum chemistry and Advanced QSAR.


Margaret G Wong
Applied Sciences Building: AS227, Hawthorn Campus
School of Chemical Sciences, Swinburne University of Technology

Phone: (61 +3) 9214 8542
Fax: (61 +3) 9819 0834

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