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Chemical Properties Handbook


【作者】Carl L. Yaws

【卷、页】784 pages

【出版者】McGraw-Hill Professional

【出版日期】October 1, 1998



     Accurate information on how chemicals behave at different temperatures and under different conditions is provided for both organic (C1 to C28) and inorganic (Ag to Zn) substances.

Table of Contents

1. Critical Properties and Acentric Factor
2. Heat Capacity of Gas
3. Heat Capacity of Liquid
4. Heat Capacity of Solid
5. Enthalpy of Vaporization
6. Enthalpy of Fusion
7. Vapor Pressure
8. Density of Liquid
9. Surface Tension
10. Refractive Index, Dipole Moment, and Radius of Gyration
11. Entropy and Entropy of Formation of Gas
12. Enthalpy of Formation
13. Gibbs Energy of Formation
14. Solubility Parameter, Liquid Volume, and Van Der Waals Volume and Area
15. Solubility in Water and Octanol-Water Partition Coefficient
16. Solubility in Water Containing Salt
17. Solubility in Water as a Function of Temperature
18. Henry's Law Constant for Compound in Water
19. Adsorption on Activated Carbon
20. Soil Sorption Coefficient
21. Viscosity of Gas
22. Viscosity of Liquid
23. Thermal Conductivity of Gas
24. Thermal Conductivity of Liquid and Solid
25. Explosive Limits in Air, Flash Point, and Autoignition Temperature
26. Enthalpy of Combustion
27. Exposure Limits for Safeguarding Health
28. Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Liquid
Appendix A: Conversion Table
Appendix B: Henry's Law Constant - Equations

  Perry化学工程师手册Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook (7th Edition)
  Knovel Corp. (在线数据库出版商)

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