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Genomics Glossaries & Taxonomies



     Mary Chitty

Cambridge Healthtech Institute
1037 Chestnut Street
Newton Upper Falls, Ma 02464
Phone: 617-630-1300
Fax: 617-630-1325

     over 3000 definitions,

Cutting- edge biotechnology & pharmaceutical terms (and definitions) not in most dictionaries.

Topic covers:

Basic genetics & genomics: What's the difference? Ethics

Applications - biotechnology & pharmaceutical overview
Business of biotechnology Financial, Intellectual Property Drug discovery & development Drug approvals Targets
Genomics Pharmacogenomics Functional Genomics Clinical genomics Cancer genomics Genetic testing Proteomics Structural genomics -Omes and -omics More... Applications Map

Informatics overview Algorithms, Bioinformatics Cheminformatics Computers & computing Data & information management In silico & molecular modeling More... Informatics Map

Technologies overview Assays & screening ,Biomaterials & bioengineering Combinatorial libraries & synthesis Gene amplification & PCR Mass spectrometry Microarrays & protein chips Nanoscience & miniaturization Sequencing More... Technologies Map

Genomic biology overview Basic genetics & genomics Biomolecules DNA Gene definitions Model & other organisms Nomenclature Pharmaceutical biology Proteins RNA SNPs & other genetic variations Sequences More... Genomic biology Map

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