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MathSoft Engineering & Education, Inc.


     Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., MathSoft Engineering & Education, Inc., is the leading provider of interactive math, science and engineering software products and content for industry and academia. More than two million users worldwide rely on the Mathcad and StudyWorks product lines for Web-enabled, interactive technical software and content.

Company: MathSoft Engineering & Education, Inc., formerly the Engineering and Education Products Division of MathSoft, Inc., is a privately held company.

Customers: MathSoft Engineering & Education's products are used at 90 percent of the Fortune 1000 companies, over 500 governmental agencies as well as 2,000 colleges and universities.

Employees: The company employs approximately 75 professionals located at the headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and in offices in the United Kingdom and Germany. In addition, distributors represent the company's products in over 50 countries.

Products: MathSoft consistently leads the industry with innovative tools for learning, communicating and applying mathematics in real-world technical and educational applications.


Mathcad is the industry standard calculation package for technical professionals and the technical academic community. Mathcad is unmatched in breadth of functionality and provides an environment of inherent interactivity for collaboration amongst teams or groups. The program and Web site ( bring deep capabilities to users through its cross-application connectivity and high-performance computation.


StudyWorks Science Deluxe and StudyWorks Mathematics Deluxe are the most complete skill-building resources for middle school and high school students and teachers available today. Both titles offer state-of-the art learning technology, including Internet capabilities, combined with MathSoft's proven approach for mastering math and science.

  The MathWorks (MATLAB, technical computing software)

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