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Design-Ease (实验统计设计)


【作者】 Stat-Ease, Inc.

【语言版本】 6.0

【操作系统】 Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT and XP


【用途】 Stat-Ease makes it easy for researchers to perform statistical design of experiments (DOE) with Design-Ease or Design-Expert software. Design-Ease offers multilevel factorial screening designs to help researchers find the critical factors that lead to breakthrough improvements. Trade up to Design-Expert for more in-depth exploration. Use response surface methods to optimize your process or mixture. Display optimum performance with terrific 3D plots. Design-Expert is a DOE tool with all of the features of Design-Ease.

  Stat-Ease, Inc.(实验设计软件)

Summary by 何莉 on 2003-07-17

Last updated by 李晓霞 on 2006-02-28

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