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Search Chemists in UK through Chemdex-UK (查找英国化学家)


     Chemdex-UK is a database containing details of chemists in the various chemistry and related institutions in the United Kingdom. The database includes a concise description of each chemist together with links to home and departmental or company pages. The database is searchable by chemists' names or departments and now includes keyword searching.

Chemdex-UK is under development in the Department of Chemistry at The University of Sheffield and is supported by The Royal Society of Chemistry with funding from The Department of Trade and Industry's Information Society Initiative.

     If you are a professional or academic chemist or chemistry-related scientist, then you are welcome to register with Chemdex-UK using the on-line forms. Please note that this is not the definitive list of UK staff in chemical institutions. You may wish to view the web pages of the specific institutions in order to examine a full, up-to-date list of their staff.

Summary by 杨宏伟 on 2002-10-11

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