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     The ChemVis project is one of 23 research projects in the strategic research initiative "V3D2" ("Distributed Processing and Exchange of Digital Documents") of the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG).

Ths Project propose the development of an Internet standard orientated system for the embedding of dynamic visualizations in digital documents in the field of chemistry. It aims to show with prototypical examples that such a system facilitates the understanding of complex chemical phenomena easier than static 3D scenes or videos. For example, important chemical effects depend on 3D geometry, time scale and field effects and therefore is difficult to depict by a few static viewpoints. The coupling and realtime manipulation of 3D visualizations, by user-initiated change of graph attributes, space/time parameters and other influencing factors, enable a new quality and density of information. Such kind of information visualization is able to keep pace with the complexity of current research. Several models of scene manipulation shall highlight a wide range of uses and requirements of these dynamic scenarios.


InfVis - Interactive Datamining and Information Visualization
MolSurf - VRML Generator for molecular surfaces and properties
VRML Animation Generator
Molecular Orbital Animation
Electron Microscopy Density Visualization
PROLET (Progressive iso-surfaces applet)
VRML File Creator for Chemical Structures
VVV (VRML Volume Viewer)

  德国University of Erlangen-Nuremberg计算机化学中心:Johann Gasteiger教授

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