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ChemInnovation Software, Inc.


     Since its inception in 1993, ChemInnovation Software, Inc. is becoming a leading provider of innovative software for chemistry graphics, molecular modeling, chemical nomenclature, and information management.

ChemInnovation Software, Inc.
9450 Mira Mesa Blvd., #B-262
San Diego, CA 92126
Tel +(858)780-0371
Fax +(858)780-0372

     Chemistry 4-D Draw(TM) - the most intelligent structure drawing program for creating publication-quality graphics

Chem4D Database(TM) manages databases of molecular structures, graphics and information associated with the data. It helps you to search and reuse structures and graphics you have created

NamExpert(TM) understands IUPAC nomenclature rules and creates countless high-quality 2D structures

Nomenclator(TM) assigns systematic names to structures according to IUPAC nomenclature rules

NamExpert and Nomenclator Add-ons for CS ChemDraw (TM) allows you to access IUPAC nomenclature functionalities from within CS ChemDraw

Nomenclator Database and NamExpert Database - build databases of chemical names and structures in hours

PowerRef(TM) - powerful, easy-to-use database program for managing bibliographic references

ChemSite(TM) provides interactive 3D molecular modeling and real-time animation. You can build small molecules or proteins, DNA quickly and perform energy minimization.

Chemistry 4-D Draw for Java allows companies to deploy one single structure drawing program on all platforms that support Java 1.1: Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, OS/2..

  化合物自动命名: AutoNom 2.1
  Chemistry 4-D Draw (绘制化学结构、化合物命名)

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