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美国国家农药信息检索系统 (NPIRS)


     U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Pesticide Programs
U.S. States who voluntarily send NPIRS their pesticide registration data,
many on a monthly basis

     The National Pesticide Information Retrieval System (NPIRS) is a collection of pesticide-related databases available by subscription. NPIRS is under the administration of the Center for Environmental and Regulatory Information Systems, CERIS, at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

There are five (5) databases and three (3) dictionaries (vocabularies) available for searching.


Federal and State Pesticide Product
Pesticide Document Management System (PDMS)
Data Submitters List
Tolerance Index
Federal Register Archive


Chemical - active ingredient accepted label names, chemical synonyms, CAS Registry Numbers, EPA chemical codes, brand and trade names
Site - site names, methods and times of application, site codes
Pest - common pest names, life cycles, pest codes

Over 400 individuals access NPIRS for information pertaining to product registration. Many individuals use NPIRS to assist in registering pesticides and developing market strategies based on currently registered products or pending registrations.

Pesticide Product Database:
Federal Product Information

federal brand names
EPA registration number
product status
name status
registrant name and address
product formulation
product signal word
federal restricted use status
use type classifications
active ingredients by percent states registering
registration action dates
sites on which to use product
pests controlled by product
site/pest combinations
supplemental registrations (distributors)
Special Local Need registrations (SLNs)
product summary reports
PDMS interaction to identify support documents

State Product Information – 48 States:
state brand names, EPA and state registration numbers, year of last registration
state registrant names and addresses and all associated product data from Federal Product Information:
active ingredients by percent
product formulation
site/pest combinations product signal word
federal restricted use status
use type classification states registering
registration action dates
product summary reports

Pesticide Document Management System (PDMS):
Master Record Identifier (MRID)
document title and author
submitters (first/all)
submission dates
research subjects
guidelines research laboratory codes and project numbers
administrative numbers
chemicals (active ingredients)
site, pest, test organism codes
study document type
accession numbers

PDMS Summary Reports:
submitters, chemicals, administrative numbers, pending registrations
submitters (table form)
guidelines (table and citation form)

Data Submitter's List:
first submitters
type of data
PDMS interaction to identify citations

Tolerance Index -- Residue Tolerances:
commodities for which a chemical tolerance or exemption exists
CFR part and paragraph
parts per million levels
petition numbers
federal register dates

Federal Register Archive (beginning May 1, 1993):
full text of articles
article dates
news groups article types
article keywords
CFR references

Output Options:
Save files using browser options
Import NPIRS output files into a spreadsheet or database

Data Not Available:
- inert ingredients
- dilution rates
- re-entry times
- exposure treatments
- sales data - specific formulation data
- application rates
- endangered species information
- repeat application or rotation data
- establishment numbers

1231 Cumberland Avenue, Suite A
West Lafayette IN 47906-1317
Office: 765-494-6616
FAX: 765-494-9727

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