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RSC的化学工业最新焦点 (Focus Newsletters for chemical industry from RSC)

     Focus Newsletters from RSC
The Focus series of monthly newsletters provides information on recent business developments in eight key chemical industry sectors. Each newsletter includes unique editorial comment and analysis from a subject expert.
The eight titles in the series are

Focus on BiopesticidesPLUS reports on all uses of natural organisms, their genes and their secondary metabolites in crop protection. It provides vital product, market, company and regulatory news. Edited by Len Copping.

Focus on Catalysts provides information on all key developments for manufacturers, distributors and users of catalysts and process chemicals. Edited by Alan Comyns.

Focus on Organic Dyes and Colours provides unique analysis and comment on all the technical and commercial developments in organic colorants and dyes. Edited by Peter Bamfield.

Focus on Pigments is a vital source for all those who manufacture or use pigments. Edited by Reg Adams.

Focus on Polyurethanes reports on all technical and commercial aspects of this versatile elastomer, from supply of feedstocks through to new end-uses and applications. Edited by Steve Lee.

Focus on Powder Coatings covers all aspects of this expanding technology, including market growth, new products and company news. Edited by Sid Harris.

Focus on Solvents covers all issues of concern for suppliers and users of solvents. Edited by Bob Gladding.

Focus on Surfactants monitors and analyses all worldwide developments concerning surface active agents. Edited by Gordon Hollis.

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