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【简介】 launched in mid 99 is a leading job site for Chemistry Professionals. Lists Chemistry Jobs, Chemical Engineering Jobs and other chemistry related positions. Listed in CareerXRoads 2001 as a Top 500 Job Site and also in Weddle's Job Guide 2001. It has been linked by numerous
university websites and professional society section websites ACS, AichE and related sites. Go to the Chemistry/ChE Links page to see who are linking Chemistry/ChE Links. Synergy with,, and helps strengthen its leadership position in the industry. In 2001 a chemistry jobs and career discussion board was introduced for the benefit of jobseekers. Also in 2001, a site specifically targeting students, interns and first time jobseekers was introduced. Currently over 1500 registered Chemistry, ChE and Polymer jobseekers

  Look for a Job on the Internet (在网上求职) (生物和化学求职站点)

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