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STN EXPRESS在加拿大获奖(2000-04-10)

     STN Express with Discover! 5.0, has won an Award of Merit in the Canadian
Online Product Awards competition sponsored by Information
Highways magazine.

     Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000 09:24:22 -0400
From: "Eric Shively ("
Subject: STN EXPRESS Wins Canadian Award

April 7, 2000


Highly regarded by information specialists, STN Express has
become the most popular software for searching the STN
International Network

COLUMBUS, OHIO, April 7, 2000 - STN Express with Discover! 5.0,
the most widely used search and retrieval software for the STN
International network, has won an Award of Merit in the Canadian
Online Product Awards competition sponsored by Information
Highways magazine. The award was announced at the Information
Highways 2000 Conference March 27 in Toronto and was accepted by
Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), which operates the STN network
in North America.

STN Express won its Canadian Online Award of Merit in the Science
and Medicine category for institutional products and was cited
specifically for outstanding "Market Fit" for its intended
audience of scitech information professionals and scientists.
Award winning products were chosen by a panel of 41 industry
experts and users of online products for Canadians and were
announced at the Information Highways 2000 Conference and

"This is a wonderful honor for CAS and the entire STN family of
premier online search services," said Suzan A. Brown, CAS
Marketing Director. "The vision for STN Express with Discover!
was to provide easy-to-use software for searching scitech
databases that could take full advantage of STN's extensive
content and most powerful capabilities. We are extremely proud
that STN Express with Discover! has won this recognition from
the Canadian Online Product Awards panel."

STN Express was introduced in 1988 as the first software product
to simplify online searching of scientific databases through
personal computers. Now, through wizards and hyperlinks, STN
Express with Discover! 5.0 has further simplified the process.

Innovative features that especially benefit scientific and
technical researchers include:

* Hyperlinked CAS Registry Numbers to find substance information
with a single click, including spectra;

* Hyperlinked locator fields to find bibliographic or numeric
property data for a substance in numerous STN databases;

* Hyperlinked source data to find more information for the same
record in other STN databases;

* Links to documentation on the Web;

* Highlighted patent numbers for one-click access to an
English-language version of a patent equivalent, legal status or
family information;

* A full-text button to access the full text of journal articles
and patents on the Web, or order copies through the CAS Document
Detective Service or FIZ AUTODOC.

STN Express with Discover! unlocks the wealth of the world's
most comprehensive databases of chemical information from CAS,
along with 200 other STN databases from other scientific
organizations. In CAS databases searchers use the software to
easily search literature from 8,000 chemical journals and other
publications back to 1907, plus chemistry-related patents from
more than 30 patent offices.

More information about STN Express is available on the CAS Web site at

Eric Shively


Summary by 李晓霞 on 2000-04-10

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