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     Syracuse Research Corporation

     The Toxic Substance Control Act Test Submission database, TSCATS, was developed by SRC for EPA in 1985. It is a central system for the collection, maintenance, and dissemination of information on unpublished technical reports submitted by industry to EPA under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). Studies on over 8,000 chemicals are categorized into three broad subject areas (health effects, environmental effects, and environmental fate). Searches can be conducted using these subject areas plus additional indexing terms from the controlled vocabulary of testing protocol describing observations (e.g., species, duration of study, etc.). More detail on the TSCATS databases are provided in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Volume 6, pp. 921-927 (l987).

TSCATS is continually updated on SRC's central computer and is available in a Windows PC version.

It's now freely available from the site.

     Can be searched by CAS, Formula, Chemical name.

  Environmental Fate Data Base (EFDB)
  IRIS, EPA (对人体有害物质信息库)
  TSCA化合物目录 + SARA Title III 化合物目录
  Syracuse Research Corporation (SRC)
  Dictionary of Chemical Names and Synonyms (化合物名称和别名字典)

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