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小型光谱数据库下载Optical Databases Download Page


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     Here you will find collections of spectra, each contained in SpecManager databases for optical spectroscopy.

Ludmila Tumanova's collection of quantitative IR (13 entries) and FT-IR (2 entries)

Ludmila Tumanova, a senior scientist at the Institute of Spectroscopy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, presents a gas phase IR and FT-IR spectral library. This sample library contains infrared spectra for organosilicon, halomethane, and organofluoric compounds recorded at exact pressures and cell path lengths; therefore the spectra are suited for qualitative work and for quantitative investigations as well.

File Name: tumanova.ndb (172 kb)

David Sullivan FT-IR Library (100 entries)

The David Sullivan FT-IR Library was measured by David L. Sullivan in the Chemical Engineering Dept at the University of Texas at Austin. The database contains a variety of materials in the gas, liquid, polymer melts, solid phase, and adsorbed species on catalyst surfaces.

File Name: sullivan.exe (467 kb)

FT-IR Spectra of Solid Phase Synthesis Resins Library (55 entries)

The collection was assembled by Edward Orton at Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Pharmaceuticals and contains spectra of polystyrene-based solid phase synthesis resins used for combinatorial chemistry and parallel synthesis applications. Resins were used as received from the manufacturers. The original OMNIC data files can be obtained by contacting Edward Orton directly at his e-mail: Resin samples were donated by Advanced ChemTech Inc. and Novabiochem Inc.

File Name: resins.exe (196 kb)

FBI Collection of FT-IR Spectra of Fibers (53 entries)

These results were originally published in Spectrochimica Acta, v.46, p.1513, 1991 in a paper entitled "Spectral Database for the Identification of Fibers by Infrared Microscopy" by Mary W.Tungol, Edward G.Bartick, and Akbar Montaser of the FBI Academy, Forensic Science Research and Training Center, Quantico, VA 22135 (E.G.B.) and the Department of Chemistry, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C. 20052 USA. This data was downloaded from Spectrochimica Acta Electronica and compiled.

File Name: fbi.exe (345 kb)

PhotoMetrics Inc. FT-IR Library (108 entries)

These spectra were originally downloaded from the website.

File Name: photomet.exe (220 kb)

  Spectra Online,Galactic (红外谱图)
  FT-IR Library of David Sullivan

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