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AntiBase (微生物、高等真菌)


 AntiBase 2003, £5323.00

     Hartmut Laatsch

     The complete database of all known (approximately 30,000) natural compounds from micro-organisms and higher fungi. An essential tool for pharmaceutical scientists involved in the development and discovery of new antibiotic compounds. All data has been collected from the primary and secondary literature and then carefully checked and validated. Antibase 2003 includes for each compound:

Descriptive data (molecular formula and mass, elemental composition, CAS registry number)

Physico-chemical data (melting point, optical rotation)

Spectroscopic data (UV, Carbon 13-NMR, IR and mass spectra)

Biological data (pharmalogical activity, toxicity)

Information on the origin and isolation of the natural compound and a summary of literature sources

A unique feature of Antibase 2003 is the use of predicted Carbon 13-NMR spectra for those compounds where no measured spectra are available. These spectra have been produced using the spectrum prediction program SpecInfo.

Antibase 2003 offers the ability to search the database by spectral data points and a variety of spectral features. You can also search by physical and biological data. All data is critically examined and quality controlled.

Antibase 2003 is available for PC environments running ISIS/Base and ChemFinder and MAC environments running ISIS/Base.

     ISBN: 0-471-46840-1
July 2003

  Marinlit (海洋天然产物文献数据库)

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