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ChemIDplus (化合物别名、结构式字典库)



     National Library of Medicine

     Subject: Dictionary of chemicals

Features: 366545 Records, 143829 Structures

Updates: Approximately quarterly with about 4,000 records added per update; the file contains about 344,000 records.

Special Features: CHEMID is a chemical dictionary file for over 344,000 compounds of biomedical and regulatory interest. Records include CAS Registry Numbers and other identifying numbers, molecular formulae, generic names, trivial names, other synonyms, MeSH headings, and file locators which lead users to other NLM files. In addition, SUPERLIST provides names and other data used to describe chemicals on over 30 key federal and state regulatory lists.


     To view chemical structures by

Chime (Plug-in) or ChemSymphony (A set of Java applets)

  Internet Grateful Med
  TOXNET (化合物毒性相关数据库系列)
  ChemSymphony (化学结构输入、显示的Java程序)
  多环芳烃结构索引(Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Structure Index, NIST)
  化合物别名库(Chemical Synonyms database)
  BioByte (ClogP is now Bio-Loom)
  Dictionary of Chemical Names and Synonyms (化合物名称和别名字典)
  美国环保署EPA的物质登记数据库SRS (原为Chemical Registry System, CRS)
  ChemIDplus Lite (检索化合物名称、CA号)

Summary by 李晓霞 on 1999-12-27

Last updated by 李晓霞 on 2004-09-13

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