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美国佛罗里达大学化学系:Alan R. Katritzky教授的研究小组 (杂环化学)



     Alan R. Katritzky

Florida Center for Heterocyclic Compounds
University of Florida
(352) 392-0554

D. Phil., Oxford University, 1954

A common theme of research in the Katritzky Research Group is Organic Synthesis, especially Heterocyclic Synthesis. We are engaged both in developing new synthetic methods and preparing specific compounds for investigation in a whole range of applications. The wide variety of research problems, including significant efforts in combinatorial chemistry, makes for great flexibility and an interdisciplinary approach. Another emphasis is on computer-aided research: particularly quantitative structure property relationships (QSPR) and the structural basis of chemical and physical properties. MO calculations, database development and the use of advanced word processing are all strongly represented.

  2002年美国化学会国家奖获得者 (ACS 2002 National Award Recipients)

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